Shareholder Information

The Company has a policy to pay dividend of no less than 40% of the net profit after tax from separate financial statements and after legal reserves as required by laws and the Company. Such dividend payment shall not cause significant impacts to the Company’s regular operations. However, such dividend payment is subject to operating results, financial position, liquidity, business expansion plan, any future necessity and appropriateness, and other factors related to business management of the Company as the Board of Directors and/or shareholders deem appropriate and such operations must be conducted in the best interest of the Company and shareholders as the Board of Directors and/or shareholders deem appropriate.

Board Date X-Date Payment Date Dividend Type Dividend per Share (Baht) Unit Operation Period
29/04/19 - 24/05/19 Cash Dividend 0.0277777778 Baht 01/01/18 - 31/12/18
24/04/18 - 18/05/18 Cash Dividend 0.05 Baht 01/01/17 - 31/12/17