Message from Chairman

In 2020, Rhom Bho Property Public Company Limited, or “Title,” have always been committed to good corporate governance.

Dear Shareholders

We aim to foster efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, fairness, and sustainable growth for our business. The Company recognizes its social and environmental responsibilities and conducts business responsibly for all people with cooperation from stakeholders within the organization.

In 2020, the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 significantly impacted people across the globe in terms of their social and economic wellbeing. The trade wars between the United States of America and the Republic of China as well as the fast pace of technological advances drove every sector to adjust accordingly. In order for everyone to overcome the current crisis together, I, as the chairman, along with the management team and our employees will fully execute business in alignment with the Company’s policy within our integrated framework and current business strategy.

This is a challenging year for the Company. We recognize that there are many issues to tackle. Nonetheless, we are ready to conduct business to the best of our ability under the given conditions. Depending on government measures, the economy, finances, tourism, and the public in general, we aim to eventually start new projects in line with the current situation and resume our strong growth.

Finally, on behalf of the Rhom Bho Property Public Company Limited, I would like to thank the shareholders, stakeholders, and involved individuals from all sectors including the financial institutions, customers, and sponsors as well as the media who have always supported us. You can be sure that the board of directors, the management, and our employees will continue to work under good corporate governance to achieve our targets and create value for the organization. With this goal, we are committed to being socially responsible with good ethics for society at large

Mr. Suvit Lamsam

Chairman of the Board of Director